Книги редкие

Книга. Birds of Britain

Книга. Fanсy Pheasants and their allies

Книга. A Book of Beasts and Birds

Книга. Terriers, their Points and Management

Журналы переплетённые. The Botanical Magazine; or Flower-Garden Displayed

Книга. Illustrations of New Species of Exotic Butterflies

Брошюра. Сharles Darwin and Down house

Книга. Alaska

Книга. The Life and Love of the Insect

Книга. The Living Thoughts of Darwin

Книга. A Hand-book to the Primates

Книга. The variation of animals and plants under domestication

Книга. A history of the Birds of Europe, not observed in the British Isles

Книга. The Birds of Great Britain and Ireland

Журналы переплетённые. The Entomologist's Monthly Magazine

Журналы переплетённые. British Entomology; being illustrations and descriptions of the Genera of insects found in Great Britain and Ireland

Книга. The Aurelian: or, Natural History of English Insects; namely; Moth and Butterflies. Together with the Plants on which they Feed

Журналы переплетённые. Curtis's Botanical Magazine; or Flower-Garden Displayed

Книга. A Synopsis of the Orthoptera of Western Europe

Журналы переплетённые. Curtis's Botanical Magazine; or Flower-Garden Displayed

Книга. The birds of North America; the description of species based chiefly on the collection in the Museum of the Smitsonian Institution :

Книга. Illustrations to the birds of South America

Журнал. Bird-Notes

Книга. Fasciculi Malayenses

Книга. African Mimetic Butterflies

Журналы переплетённые. Curtis's Botanical Magazine, comprising the Plants of the Royal Gardens of Kew and of other Botanical Establishments in Great Britain

Книга. African Hunting and adventure from Natal to the Zambezi including lake Ngami, the Kalahari Desert, &c. From 1852-1860

Книга. A Guide to the Fossil Reptiles, Amphibians and Fishes in the Department of Geology and Paleontology in the British Museum (Natural History)

Книга. Fasciculi Malayenses

Книга. Our Summer Migrants

Книга. Ornithological Biography, or An Account of the Habits of the Birds of the United States of America

Книга. Biologia Centrali-Americana. Insecta. Hymenoptera

Книга. British birds with their nests and eggs

Журналы переплетен. Bird-Notes

Брошюра. Fragments of the natural history of Pensilvania

Книга. The Lepidoptera of the British Islands

Книга. Guide to the Shell and Starfish Galleries (Mollusca, Polyzoa, Brachiopoda, Tunicata, Echinoderma, and Worms), Department of Zoology, British Museum (Natural History)

Книга. The Natural History of Humming-Birds

Книга. Life histories of North American shore birds

Книга. The home-life of the terns or a sea swallows

Журналы переплетённые. The Entomologist's Monthly Magazine

Книга. Book of Reference to the Picidae.

Книга. The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Rhynchota. Vol. 1. (Heteroptera)

Журналы переплетённые. The Condor

Книга. Man's Poor Relations

Книга. The Evolution of Animal Intelligenсe

Книга. Coloration in Polistes

Книга. Biologia Centrali-Americana. Insecta. Neuroptera.

Книга. How to Attract and Protect Wild Birds

Книга. Annals of the Carnegie museum


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